While my style is very laid back and casual, it is very important to plan ahead for your family shoot. Photoshoots can also be intimidating especially if it is your first time - read through these tips so you are well prepared.


•You must wear a mask into the building and can take it off when we start photos.

I will be wearing a mask to protect both you and myself...therefore communication might be difficult. I ask you to please be patient and understanding.

•I will only be accepting venmo or paypal, no cash :(


•Wear and bring what best suits you. Try on before our shoot!

•Bring options/back up incase something doesn't work out or look right.

•If booking for an hour or more, you may bring 4-5 options of clothing. 

•Clean/unwrinkled clothing that is ready to go.



•I highly recommend getting hair/makeup professionally done - even if it is natural.

•Feel free to bring your makeup and hair brushes incase you need touch ups.

•Lotion up!!! Hands, legs, arms...this shows too !

•Nails should be fully painted or fully unpainted.


•I highly recommend getting a fresh haircut ! It will make you feel and look super sharp in the photos.



•Make sure everyone is well fed prior to the shoot - even mom and dad !

•Bring snacks ! Especially families with infants and toddlers - we might have to use them as a bribe LOL

•Food, snacks, water, juice ... anything else you think your family would need .

Most importantly, have fun. We will be creating memories that will last a lifetime ♥

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